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Professional Services

TrustedIA offer a range of professional services, from a consultancy perspective to onsite technical services. We are happy to tailor a bespoke offering to fill your specific requirement, over short, medium and long term provision periods.

Architecture & Design Assurance​

TrustedIA have extensive experience of designing all levels of networks and operational processes.  We have been involved in the design and implementation of various Government and private sector projects, ranging from small businesses to global corporations.  Whatever the scale of your project, we can work to achieve your design outcomes.

Independent Audits

An independent audit of your organisation’s compliance with UK Government security standards, processes, objectives and policies, such as the HMG Security Policy Framework (SPF), 10 Steps to Cyber Security, Cyber Essentials, and relevant industry schemes and standards such as CIS 20 Critical Security Controls, ISO 27001 and the PCI DSS.

Virtual Chief Security Officer (vCSO)

A vCSO (virtual Chief Information Security Officer) offers all the benefits of an in-house security leader with more resources at your disposal. A CSO as-a-service program may be exactly what your organisation needs to reduce your cyber security risk and ensure top-notch information security throughout the organisation, all while controlling your costs.

Physical Security​

TrustedIA can carry out a threat based Physical Security Assessment of your site(s), or specific buildings or rooms using Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) methodology and guidelines.

Managed Security Services

We offer a number of cloud based services including secure cloud storage, dark web monitoring, managed anti-malware, provisioned via annual service contract or on an ad-hoc basis, depending on your particular requirements.

Complimentary services