Whether you’re local or global, an institution, a business or a service provider, you are – and will continue to be – increasingly reliant on information and communication technologies.

What’s more, your dependence on the data handled by those technologies will also increase, as will the volume of data itself.  Managed well, your systems and information offer you decision superiority; the ability to make better and faster decisions based on comprehensive and accurate data.

Clearly, preserving and maintaining the quality of that information is key. Be it your client list, an audit trail, a staff or academic register, design drawings, financial reports, a supplier list, real-time transaction data or even an email library; it’s just as much an asset as your trademark. And, just as you protect your trademark and other intellectual property, so you should protect your data.

TrustedIA exists to partner private businesses and public sector agencies in the provision of services aligned to all aspects of data integrity; Governance, Risk Management and Compliance.

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