How confident are you that your organisation is prepared for a cyber incident?

Time is critical

When a cyber incident occurs, time is crucial. Contact our team for expert assistance.
Preparation is key to prevent a breach from turning into a disaster. A successful response requires leadership, communication, management, and adherence to processes. We offer services to help businesses prepare for or recover from cyber-attacks.

Effective cyber incident management is essential to ensure risks are managed and the continuity of business is achieve soonest.

Having a strong incident response strategy allows preparation, response, remediation, recovery, and learning. 

Cyber incidents must be managed efficiently to prevent devastating impact, and a combination of people, tools, and technologies are required to prevent disruptive events and where necessary to recover effectively and efficiently.
We can also provide independent verification of effective eradication of cyber threats.

Our Cyber Incident Response Services

Failing to recognise a cyber attack limits your ability to manage it effectively, leading to significant and far-reaching business impact. The failure to identify and respond to a potential cyber threat could result in system downtime, causing severe financial losses to the company, long-term reputation damage, and a threat to the security of sensitive information.

Ignoring the root cause of a cyber-attack, such as having inefficient technology or a weak security approach, may expose you to repeated incidents. This may further damage the reputation of the company, resulting in a significant loss of customer trust, and potentially cause legal or regulatory penalties.

Therefore, it is essential to have robust cybersecurity measures in place to detect, prevent, and respond to cyber attacks effectively. Adopting a proactive approach towards security can help save valuable business resources, optimise security controls, and enhance the brand’s reputation. Staying alert and vigilant to potential threats and regularly reviewing security measures can go a long way in ensuring the security of sensitive information and avoiding devastating financial losses.


Cyber Incident Preparation

  • Helps you meet recovery point objectives.
  • Better understand your digital threat landscape and efficiently allocate resources to combat your most common threats.
  • Streamline your business processes and protect your business critical assets
  • Helps reduce investigation costs over time and improve the effectiveness of your response.

Cyber Incident Response

  • Deter future cyber-attacks, by identifying compromised services and learning from experience.
  • A swift and well managed response to a Cyber Incident goes a long way to reduce or even avoid legal or regulatory penalties.
  • Increases client and investor confidence in your ability to quickly recover from a cyber-attack and protect their data.
CyberSOS - Cyber Incident Response
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