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educate your staff and Be secure.

Phishing Training & Testing

Phishing is one of the easiest and most common forms of digital attack against businesses of all sizes. Educating your staff in how to identify and defend against phishing attacks is a vital training opportunity for your business. TrustedIA has developed a number exercise scenarios which are complemented with a detailed report of our findings. Exercises can be scaled-up across multiple sites and include other forms of social engineering.

Bespoke Training​

Every cyber incident has similarities and differences, learning from these variants helps reduce the risk of further incident and improves the resilience of your data / asset environment. TrustedIA offer workshops to review and test resilience and decision-making processes to improve corporate knowledge and awareness.

We have a number of training packages, ranging from one day to five day courses, tailored to suite your specific needs, call today to discuss how we can help.

Security & Awareness Training

Your staff have a critical role to play in your organisation’s security profile. A systematic delivery of security education and awareness programmes will help to establish a security-conscious culture across your business.
TrustedIA can provide bespoke training packages to meet your specific requirements.​


It is a common understanding that many smaller organisations do not have the resources to employ highly skilled security experts on a full time basis. One cost effective solution may be to train an existing staff member to fulfil the requirement and TrustedIA can help you mentor them until they have the required experience.

Trusted Advisers

Our staff are highly trained and experienced and can support your business in all elements of network architecture and design, system security, policy and procedure development / implementation, risk assessment, cyber assessment, accreditation, certification,

Complimentary services