Be Prepared for
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Prepare yourselves for cyber-attacks.


Effective leadership is a critical component of good security and accountability. At TrustedIA, we help you develop an appropriate and effective security governance strategy, ensuring that it is properly resourced with management oversight of security compliance and auditing processes, and security controls are applied with consideration to threats and information risk.

Risk Management

Defining and communicating your businesses attitude and approach to information risk management is crucial. The lack of an effective risk management and governance strategy may lead to exposure to unnecessary risk, an overly cautious approach to risk leading to missed business opportunities or additional costs and a lack of confidence that policies are being consistently applied across the business.


As businesses face an ever increasing list of statutory, regulatory, contractual and legal compliance obligations, a good understanding of information security and compliance is fundamental to the success your business and the avoidance of legal proceedings or regulatory penalties.

Cyber Assessment Engine​

Small businesses don’t always have the resources that large enterprise have when it comes to defending against a Cyber Attack. As a result, they have become a greater target for Cyber Criminals who see them as an easy target. TrustedIA have developed an Assessment to help small and medium sized businesses understand their Cyber exposure.

Cyber Assessments

Through a comprehensive question and answer workshop with your key stakeholders, we will profile your Cyber and Information Security maturity against a number of highly regarded industry standards and guidelines. Our consultants will highlight what you are doing well, and identify opportunities for improvement to ensure your resources are prioritised and targeting the right areas in a cost-effective manner.

Audits and Gap Analysis

Our experienced Lead Auditors can carry out a Gap Analysis audit against any Information or Cyber Security standard, such as:ISO/IEC 27000 standards, Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR), HMG Security Policy Framework, PCI DSS, NIST, and many more.

Vulnerability Assessment

It is imperative that businesses understand what risks are operating within their network infrastructure, hosted services and applications. Vulnerability assessments will help identify vulnerable attack surfaces before they can be exploited by cyber criminals.

Threat Assessment

A threat assessment will help you understand the threat landscape affecting your business. It will document your business-critical assets, determine how each can be compromised and identify Threat Sources that would benefit most from a successful compromise of your business systems. The output will determine which assets present the biggest risk to your business and can ensure that resources are distributed to best protect your business in a cost effective manner.. 

Assurance Testing

TrustedIA can provide Assurance Testing services to identify the effectiveness of your network security.  We have a number of resources utilising state of the art tools to thoroughly test your defences, report and present recommendations to improve.

Digital Footprinting

A digital footprint refers to the traces your business leaves online. Much of it you may know about; websites, social media and news stories, but worryingly there is much more that you may not have visibility of, such as metadata within online documents and user account details compromised in online data breaches. Our assessment tools will scour the internet searching for your digital footprint and we will provide a comprehensive report detailing our findings.

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