Cyber Incident Response

Cyber-attacks against businesses continue to make headlines on a daily basis, in many cases causing widespread disruption and reputational damage to all those involved. TrustedIA’s CyberSOS Incident Response Service is designed to take as much of that pain away as possible and help your business recover to an agreed recovery point as quickly as possible. Whether you have an internal IT Team, external IT support services or no experience of how to handle a cyber incident, we can support you throughout your recovery.

Digital Forensics

All of our investigators are trained in digital forensics and will routinely recover evidence in accordance with ACPO Forensic Guidelines. When specified by the client, our investigators will ensure that the entire investigation is carried out in a forensic manner, ensuring that all artefacts can be submitted as evidence to a Court of Law or employee tribunal.

Digital Investigations

Once a business has recovered from a Cyber-attack, at the back of everyone’s mind is ‘why us?’ and ‘how did that happen?’. Our digital investigation service will aim to answer those questions by analysing all available evidence and determining who was responsible for the attack, what assets were compromised, how the attack was successful, why the attack was successful and why you as a business may have been targeted.

Respond to a cyber-attack rapidly

Acquiring clarity for an emerging situation is vital to ensure an efficient and effective response.

Features of our CyberSOS service

The first step is to hold a triage call with all stakeholders to help us understand the circumstances of the incident and for us to provide some initial guidance and ensure that critical evidence is not lost.

Our investigators have vast experience dealing with an array of cyber related incidents from phishing and fraud through to ransomware affecting the multiple sites and data backups. Whatever the incident, we will always have your best interests in mind.

We operate a 24 x 7 response capability tailored to meet your needs, whether that be verbal advice by phone or onsite digital forensic recovery.

Our response and remediation strategy will always be proportionate to the impact of the incident. Recovering from an incident is a distressing time for all involved without having to worry about costs associated with the unnecessary replacement of network equipment or our investigators time.

Our experienced investigators will provide regular updates to your business and stakeholders throughout the incident period. Upon resolution we will provide a comprehensive report detailing the facts of the incidents, conclusions and a remediation strategy.

One of the most important elements of cyber incident response is understanding how and why the incident has occurred and reviewing how you dealt with it so that you can improve your business processes thereby helping to reduce the likelihood of the event occurring again and minimising the impact.

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