How confident are you that your organisation is prepared for a cyber incident?

When the worst happens… Every second counts.

Don’t wait to call our experienced team of experts, who are can help you through even the most severe Cyber incidents.

Effective Incident Management is an essential element of business continuity that allows your organisation to manage business risks such as breaches, loss of reputation, and recurrent incidents.

An effective incident response strategy will enable your organisation to prepare, respond, remediate, recover and learn from incidents.

Cyber incidents need to be managed efficiently as they will inevitably occur and their impact can vary significantly, those great enough to warrant using the organisations business continuity or disaster recovery plans can be devastating. Incidents can lead to unveiling deeper problems within your infrastructure, therefore it is important to implement incident management capabilities to detect, manage and analyse security incidents quickly and effectively.

Whilst the impact of a breach can be devastating, it is important to recognise that a security incident or breach does not have to develop into a disaster.

Your preparedness to deal with such incidents can dramatically impact the outcome. Successful response requires leadership, clear communications, notifications, management, execution of plan, adherence to processes, goals and objectives. All of these can be defined ahead of when they are required. Your response should be measured, consistent, repeatable and continually improving maturity, ensuring a considered, efficient and effective business recovery

Many SMEs, and even some larger organisations have a very limited incident response capability. We offer a number of services to help your business prepare for or recover from increasingly common cyber-attacks, or complement your existing team. Additionally, we can provide independent verification that cyber threats have been effectively eradicated.

Our Cyber Incident Response Services

Failure to realise that a cyber incident is ongoing, or has occurred, limits your ability to manage it effectively. This could lead to a much greater overall business impact, such as significant system outage, serious financial loss or erosion of business reputation.

An organisation that fails to address the root cause of incidents (such as poor technology or weaknesses in the corporate security approach) could be exposed to repeated or continual compromise or disruption.

An incident resulting in the compromise of sensitive information, covered by mandatory reporting requirements, could lead to legal or regulatory penalties.


Cyber Incident Response

  • Deter future cyber-attacks, by identifying compromised services and learning from experience.
  • A swift and well managed response to a Cyber Incident goes a long way to reduce or even avoid legal or regulatory penalties.
  • Increases client and investor confidence in your ability to quickly recover from a cyber-attack and protect their data.

Cyber Incident Preparation

  • Helps you meet recovery point objectives.

  • Better understand your digital threat landscape and efficiently allocate resources to combat your most common threats.

  • Streamline your business processes and protect your business critical assets
  • Helps reduce investigation costs over time and improve the effectiveness of your response.
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