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The most effective protection strategy starts with proactive prevention, but the best prevention approach won’t be found with a silver bullet. In fact, security experts advise against relying solely on a single technology or technique to protect business endpoints.

Effective prevention requires a layered approach capable of addressing not only today’s threats, but preventing tomorrow’s as well.

Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection is an advanced threat prevention solution for endpoints that uses a layered approach with multiple detection techniques. This provides businesses with full attack chain protection against both known and unknown malware, ransomware, and zero-hour threats. Unified onto a single agent, Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection reduces the complexity and costs often associated with deploying multiple individual solutions.

The industry’s best-informed telemetry drives the efficacy of Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection detection techniques.

Malwarebytes is the gold standard for providing complete and thorough remediation of threats when existing security solutions fail, evidenced by 500,000 consumers and businesses downloading Malwarebytes technology daily. Malwarebytes finds and remediates 3 million infections every day. This unique telemetry provides insight into the threats and techniques that are succeeding in the wild and offers a better understanding of what makes these attacks effective and how to best counter them.

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  • Web Protection
    Prevents access to malicious
    websites, ad networks, scammer
    networks, and bad neighborhoods

  • Application Hardening
    Reduces vulnerability exploit
    surface and proactively detects
    fingerprinting attempts used by
    advanced attacks

  • Exploit Mitigation
    Proactively detects and blocks
    attempts to abuse vulnerabilities
    and remotely execute code on the endpoint
  • Application Behaviour Protection
    Prevents applications from being leveraged to infect the endpoint

  • Anomaly Detection
    Proactively identifies viruses and malware through machine learning techniques

  • Payload Analysis
    Identifies entire families of known and relevant malware with heuristic and behavioural rules

  • Ransomware Mitigation
    Detects and blocks ransomware via behavioural monitoring technology