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Protective Security

We provide advice, consultancy and support on the operational security management effectiveness of your systems and facilities.

TrustedIA will provide interim management skills or alternatively assist with in-depth support in implementing appropriate and effective procedures, and producing relevant documentation.

The 2013 Information Security Breaches Survey found that 84% of large organisations (those employing >250) had a staff-related security incident in the previous 12 months. Whilst the majority constituted the misuse of email access such incidents can still have serious repercussions (think ‘reply all’). Beyond email and web access misuse (including social networking sites) the list of abuse categories still showed a high proportion of delinquent behaviour in terms of losing or leaking confidential information, breaching data protection laws and unauthorised data access (e.g. using someone else’s ID).

The report went on to summarise that there was a strong correlation between the extent to which staff understood their employer’s security policy and the likelihood of staff-related breaches. That’s if there was a security policy; whilst they are almost ubiquitous in large organisations, almost 50% of small business didn’t have a security policy at all.

TrustedIA can help you develop a security culture; from advice on badging and physical access control to recommendations in terms of staff training and familiarisation. And we look at any outsourced contracts too - all to ensure that you can trust all the engaged resources in protecting your business, your market share, your reputation and your brand.

TrustedIA work with you, your HR team and other relevant business function heads to create and maximise the effectiveness of a fully documented security policy.


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